Special national reserve tour

Special natural reserve of Uvac is declared by the law of Serbian Government, and it includes the valley of river Uvac between hill Lupoglav and village Vapa near Sjenica and the dam on lake Radoinja and parts of the valley and its affluents – streams Čajak, Veljušnice, Rakonjsko, Purić, Rabrensko, Sekulić, Duboko, Zlošnice, Volujac, rivers Marić, Tisovica, Suvodola, Vrševina and Kladnica.

"Uvac" Special Nature Reserve occupies the 7543 ha.

The zone of special reservation consists of:

  • Forest Park "Ivlje" which includes the mosaic of forest’s strands of spruce and white pine along with mixtures of fir trees, beech, aspen and osier, and with grasslands and meadows of extreme beauty,
  • Natural monument “Cave Bukovik“, as a speleological object more than 1000 meters long and with exceptionally interesting and attractive morphological and hydrological features,
  • Nature’s monument “Munika“.

Areas Uvac-Mileševka and Pešter are enrolled in the list of IBA-Important Bird Areas, according to the programme BirdLife International.

In the special reserve is the habitat of the griffon vultures, which make nests in the rocks. They feed on the dead cattle and other large mammals, and is well known for being the cleaner of nature, also the areas which it inhabits are ecologically clean. Today, there are from 250 to 300 birds.

Special reserve area is full of the following wildlife: rabbit, badger, fox, partridge, deer, wild boar, wolf, etc. Rivers and lakes are full of fishes such as: marble trout, brown trout, arctic char, grayling, common nase, chub, cactus roach, common carp, etc. The area is full of herbs, forest fruits and mushrooms.