The area of Nova Varoš, near the boundary between Zlatar, Javor and Murtenica, as a specific ecological oasis, has long been known for the production of healthy food, especially Zlatar cheese, which has been prepared in a traditional way for centuries.

Cheese from Zlatar is full-fat cheese with a particular taste and aroma. There are special secrets in the production of this cheese, because nature granted all of it: water and herbage. There are no chemical substances because its production always involves a high level of hygiene, milking by hand and collecting cheese in wooden firkins.

In the village at the base of Zlatar in the past ten years, pepper in sour cream is really popular, actually, peppers filled with sour cream. For 30 kilograms of sour cream 140 liters of milk is needed.

Buckwheat is a plant which has successfully grown in these parts for centuries. It is of special quality with the respect to the altitude and specific microclimatic features of this part. From buckwheat flour the famous buckwheat pie is made, and household Luković is famous for this product.

Cattle in the area of Zlatar eat exclusively organic food, on pastures full of quality grass and mountain herbs.